A Combination Of Opportunity And Expertise

  • Man has been associated with the sea since the early days of civilisation. The ocean has played an important role in exploration and trading. Over the centuries, many vessels have been lost, due to natural disasters, mechanical errors, or enemy actions. Contained within these shipwrecks are valuable cargoes worth billions of dollars.

    These cargoes remain untouched, awaiting salvage. The Treasure Investment Group Limited has been established with the aim to oversee the recovery of these cargoes. There are numerous shipwreck sites around the world that are laden with gold, silver, and precious stones, plus other valuable cargoes. Treasure Investment Group have in-depth knowledge of many wrecks, locations and manifests.


  • The company consists of a team of experienced people who have many years of experience in shipwrecks and salvage, including wreck survey and recovery.
  • There is a constant demand for salvaged commodities such as ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal. By analysing market trends, we can sell these commodities for a profit.
  • There are literally hundreds of thousands of shipwrecks. Which provides an almost limitless supply of targets to survey and salvage.


Marine Salvage Solutions places emphasis on regular servicing and maintenance of the vessel and equipment. Additionally, the venture has experience working in extreme weather conditions.


Research indicates the presence of at least 12 high-value shipwreck sites. This provides us with enough survey work in the foreseeable future.
Through networking, we can participate in other successful salvages for a 10% finder’s fee.
The film and media industry are excited about shipwreck discovery and recovery. This way, we can advertise our business and earn more revenues.



  • Treasure Investment Group Ltd. will manage the sales of the Gold Doubloon coins to raise funds for the project. The Gold Doubloon coin is created using the Ethereum-based ERC-20 protocol. A total of 15,000,000 Gold Doubloons will be sold at a price of £1 each.

    The capital raised from the token sale will be used to acquire two vessels, one being a state-of-the-art survey ship with all the latest underwater survey equipment and ROV's. The second a fully equipped salvage vessel with cranes, decompression equipment and all other necessary plant required for lifting large scale Non-Ferrous cargoes.


  • Token Name

    Gold Doubloons

  • Token Symbol


  • Token Type


  • Decimal Support


  • Total Token Supply


  • Token Price (in GBP)

    £1 Per Token

  • Soft Cap


  • Hard Cap


  • ICO Start Date

    1st Jan

  • ICO End Date

    11th Dec

Token Allocations

Sales 60 % 9000000
Founder team 20 % 3000000
Rewards 10 % 1500000
Marketing 5 % 750000
R & D 5 % 750000

Fund utilization

Ships and Plant Acquisition 60%
Marketing & Business Development 10%
Operations 15%
Research and survey 5%
Reserve 5%
Legal 5%

Green Commitment for Cleaner Seas

  • The majority of the Cargoes we recover are by nature Toxic to their immediate environment. This especially applies to Lead/Lead alloy Cargoes and certain Zinc alloys.

    By removing these valuable cargoes and clearing all associated debris, we are in effect returning to the, “Status Quo Ante”, which is not only beneficial for local marine life but makes for, “Cleaner Seas.”

    The Companies also adopt proper procedure with regard to any spills or other contamination incidents ensuring a prompt and effective clean up.





  • Incorporate Treasure Investment Group Ltd. 19-3-2020. (TIG)
  • Investigate all options and determine the best way forward to enable TIG to raise the necessary finance for the purchase of the salvage vessel and research/survey vessel and provide initial working capital.
  • To find and appoint a reputable firm of Solicitors/Lawyers with an experienced internal legal team who specialize in ICO formation and Maritime law.
  • To find and appoint a reputable firm of Chartered Accountants who will be responsible for all tax issues and to prepare annual audits which will provide a baseline value for the “GOLD DOUBLOONS”. This will take into account the steady increase in value of the tokens from the 50% sales of the high value, Non- Ferrous metals provided by our Partner Company, Marine Salvage Solutions Ltd. Comprehensive Details can be found in the Whitepaper and both Companies Websites.
  • To find and appoint a reputable and successful Company to build and launch the ICO platform and to monitor and perform any ongoing developments which may be necessary.


  • Start construction of the ICO whitepaper and research and set up all advertising platforms for the launch of the offer.
  • Work with the appointed ICO design Company to produce and build whitepaper/websites.
  • Work with Lawyers and legal team to ensure full compliance of any regulations and open dialogue with FCA and other appropriate regulatory bodies to ensure any regulations are implemented.
  • Instruct appointed firm of Chartered Accountants to prepare an initial financial report and statement of the Company to be included in the Whitepaper.
  • Inform all team members and Consultants as to ongoing progress.
  • Inform and obtain permissions from relevant Government Departments to be included in the Whitepaper and authorize all direct links within Websites.
  • Obtain another 12 Government licences for already located Shipwrecks carrying high value metal cargoes. These will be issued early next year to ensure continuity of work for the Salvage Vessel.
  • Advertise Token launch for January 1st.
1st Quarter


  • Locate and purchase the two vessels. Dependent on monies raised and speed of the uptake of the offer will determine the final decision. The majority of all refit work carried out will be undertaken by the team which will help keep the initial outlay low. This also enables us to keep the SOFT CAP low. However it is envisaged the offer will be a complete success due to interest already shown and promises of purchase of tokens.
  • Plan and implement an investor website updated continually. Not only does this keep token holders informed and updated on a regular basis, opportunities sometimes arise whereby token holders can become actively involved in certain projects.
  • Start general preparations for the start of operations in the next quarter.
2nd Quarter
  • Commence recovery operations by Marine Salvage Solutions from our four existing licenced wrecks.
  • Commence the search for the “MERCHANT ROYAL” and set up a real-time interactive web site for Token Holders.
3rd /4th Quarter
  • Survey several located Wrecks and verify cargo manifests. Prepare for recovery operations for next phase.
  • Obtain first financial report and annual audit of the Companies activities.


The group comprises a team of people who have worked in the marine salvage industry for many years. Whether being involved in research and survey, equipment design and manufacture, or the actual recovery and salvage of cargoes, both Companies have a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise, second to none in this specialist field of the marine industry.

Lauren Worsell

Company Director

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Neil Rothwell

Company Director

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Colin Martin

Company Director

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Richard Larn Obe

Wreck Researcher,
and Consultant

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Darren Mackelden

It Infrastructure and Technical Consultant

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Nigel Hodge

Dive Supervisor, Wreck Researcher, and Skipper

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The salvage operation is a joint venture between Treasure Investment Group Ltd. acting on behalf of the token holders and Marine Salvage Solutions Ltd. The two companies possess the talent and expertise required in the marine salvage industry. In the past, they have worked on actual recovery and salvage of many cargoes.

Treasure Investment Group Ltd.

Treasure Investment Group Limited Was formed to bring together the elite of the marine salvage industries historical knowledge and information to recover some of the magnificent wealth of treasure lying on the seabed, from 16th century galleons to latter day cargo ships carrying gold, silver, 1000s of tons of copper and other high value Non-Ferrous metals.

We have pinpointed numerous wrecks and their cargoes of precious metals waiting to be recovered worth 100's of millions of Dollars. We will immediately start to recover these cargoes, but the ultimate goal is to recover the cargo of a galleon, the almost mythic "MERCHANT ROYAL" - that sunk in the 1600s of which we have the manifest and contains the prize, a hoard of gold, silver bars and half a million pieces of eight, with an estimated modern day value of $2 Billion, our researchers and historians have narrowed this wreck site down to 200 square miles, with the latest survey tech we aim to find this within 18 months.

Marine Salvage Solutions Ltd.

Marine Salvage Solutions currently hold four Government licences to recover approximately two thousand tonnes of Non-Ferrous metals worth several million dollars. They are currently in the process of applying for another twelve which should be issued later this year. The cumulative monetary value of these cargoes is many millions of dollars. They have located many wrecks and have enough workload for several years.

The salvage vessel will be operated by Marine Salvage Solutions in return for a 50/50 split of any cargoes recovered. This eliminates the need to subcontract and will ensure a steady but substantial source of income for Treasure Investment Group ltd. It also allows for continuity of search and recovery between the two ships.


The Treasure Investment Group Ltd. is a management company acting on behalf of GDL token holders, its main focus is to ensure the best interests of the token holders and to manage and oversee all aspects of the project.

The Treasure Investment Group Ltd. will operate to a predetermined business model which will ensure synergy between Marine Salvage Solutions Ltd and the GDL token holders.

The Gold Doubloon coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Treasure Investment Group Ltd. platform. Gold Doubloon is created with the ERC-20 token protocol, and will be used to raise funds for the project.

The Gold Doubloon coin will be sold as part of the Treasure Investment Group Ltd. ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The ICO will begin on (Date) and culminate on (Date). During this period, the Gold Doubloon coin will sell for a price of £1 per unit.

Only a total of 15,000,000 Gold Doubloon coins will be minted. The funds raised from the sale of these tokens will be used to finance and facilitate the business plan on behalf of GDL token holders.